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Modular Source connects your business with five vendors to save you shopping time.

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Modular building offer far more benefits over traditional site-built projects.

Cost Effective

Modular Buildings are more affordable than site-built homes. Their shorter build time saves money on overall construction.


The factory setting prevents moisture build-up in components and protect air-quality after the structure is built.

Highly Customizable

Modular building companies have the technology to build structures that are completely unique or blend in with existing buildings.

Faster to Build

Modular construction projects can be completed 30% - 50% faster than traditional construction because site and foundation work is done while modules  are being manufactured.

Energy Efficient

Modular buildings are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, so you'll enjoy a lower utility bill and a smaller carbon footprint.

Future-Proof Flexible

Modular Buildings can easily change, expand, and grow to accomodate a company's changing needs

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How Much Does a Modular Build Cost?